Remote video streaming technology and control a next generation video gaming platform. The first mobile app based on this platform was developed and published both for iOS and Android by Kenzap Ltd in August 2014. The game provides access to 1/16 or 1/10 scaled physically existing radio controlled cars from almost any place in the world. The radio controlled cars are equipped with high speed and quality video cameras and 1.3GHz speed PCB boards that ensure fast data processing speed and minimal network latency with player. The uniqueness of this approach among other mobile games is that it grants access to real and physically existing devices. It is a true reality game where everything is happening in life and in real time with no computer graphics.


The main car management and processing unit is a latest generation PCB board that sends and receives signals over Ethernet network using mainly UDP Internet protocol. While UDP is considered an unreliable because of its connectionless nature this protocol ideally transmits time dependent data like video, audio and car control signals. The PCB board is directly connected to a car engine controller and a wheeling system to control traction and steering wheel rotations. Same approach is used when controlled vehicle is a tank, boat, drone or other robotic device. A single PCB with dual core processor ensures that data processing and transmission is performed with minimal delay resulting in best user experience.


In order to ensure successful user gaming experience platform requires stable Internet connection of at least 512 Kbits/s to stream live video from a device. The PCB board automatically adjusts image quality, colors, light and frame rate in order to use allowed Internet bandwidth of a player in an optimal way. Despite this fact, the Internet latency over long distances between different continents is usually big enough to produce a delay of 200-300ms that is sufficient to make user game experience worse. One more factor that negatively impacts players experience is slow computing power of a mobile device. This usually results in video signal interactions and additional delay. Please refer to Internet connection requirements page to learn more about supported Internet connection types.


Unlike those games that are solely based on virtual content rendering, Raloco RC game utilizes physical resources of a radio controlled car and a racing track of where a car is located. The geolocation of a racing track is important as it allows players to connect to those tracks that have lowest Internet latency. For example, when a delay in signal is higher than 200ms the control of a car becomes harder as each control action will be rendered on players screen only after 200ms or one fifth of a second. The RC World partnership business model allows other companies build their own racing tracks and participate in Raloco RC gameplay to earn money. When the track is built Kenzap Ltd provides specially equipped cars and network installations as well as access to web interface, so that mobile device players can start racing as soon as the flag of a track is marked open. The price for one ride is proportional to racing tracks popularity, while the track popularity is calculated by live players queue. On average the price is starting at 1$ and is no more than 5$ per 5 minute race.


The commercial part of the game consists of several sectors: In-app purchase; Advertisement on racing tracks; RC World Radio controlled car distribution. In-app purchases allow users to buy virtual content and physical enhancement appliances for the real car. The game currency is coin packs. Players can also pay for accessing racing tracks for a limited amount of time. Racing tracks contain advertisement much like the same as real racing tracks do. The advertisement can be represented with the help of banners, signs, flags, stickers, commercial objects placed in the visibility area of players eyes.


We noticed that the most attractive part of remote video gamings are not related to the gameplay itself but rather to exploring the world from the mobile phone screens. Once a user during a gameplay can observe beautiful nature, live creatures, different weather conditions or interact with real humans it usually increases purchase conversion rate several times. Once you join network we advise you to remember this because real life and not virtual world is what fascinates gamers more.