Internet Connection Requirements

Internet connection is one of the most important aspects within platform. Before you join we highly recommend to test your home/office network to make sure it fits requirements.


First your network should be able to accept connections from the Internet. There are different methods how to test it but we recommend starting from setting up remote menagement on your router. Depending on your router model and manufacturer this process may vary but you can easily find documentation online by typing something similar to: “linksys wrt-50g remote management” in Google. Once you set it up you need to access your router from some other network by typing your IP address with specified port in a browser. If at this point you can connect to your router then everything is ok and you can use your network within platform. If you experience problems connecting to your router remotly we advice to contact your Internet provider. For example, mobile operators with LTE, 3G connection restrict remote access though they can enable this feature for extra charge which is usually not that high.


Second make sure your Internet connection speed is stable, not overloaded by other conneced devices and wireless interference from other routers is minimized. The minimal speed reguired for video streaming to work properly is 512kbit/s but we strongly advice to have at least 10 Mbits/s both for upload and download. To check you upload and download speed please use this tool: The faster and more stable you Internet connection is the less chanches to loose money from gamers that suffer from connectivity issues.


Do not worry if it seems to complicated for you our support team is always welcome to help you. Click here to contact us.