Platform is an open plafrom for next generation video gaming based on low latency live video streaming over long distances and instant remote control.

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There are different types of drones, tanks, cars, boats and other devices connected to the platform with API access and available for sale.

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There are mobile app developers that create different types of mobile apps and gameplays based on this robotic devices and share it globally.

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Any willing person is open to buy a robot and share it with the world. The more interesting gameplay is the more profitable it becomes to the owner.

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Over 200+ countries that joined
more than 100 000 players that play

You can be next to reach 100 000 000 users with your unique idea and place.


Everything is transparent. Every gaming minute is tacked and analized. You have full admin access that shows your income or allows to customize your assets.

World wide

If you want to promote something for free. Buy one of kits and make it public. We guarantee that no less than 10 000 gamers will check your place each month.


Stay informed

Our powerful servers check vehicle health on a regular basis. If you happen to go away the vehicle can work autonomously and can be turned off remotely.


Behind every vehicle there is a small built-in computer and custom video streaming algorithms that ensure fast data processing speed and instant control over continents.

Racing App example

You are free to try any gaming app and see platform in action.

RC World Racing

Create Your Own Racing Infrastructure

Imagine you own a racing toy buggy that is connected to your home Wi-Fi network. You can turn it on/off any time and share some space to it that might of interest to any potential gamer. The more interesting your place is the more income you receive. On average one gaming minute cost $0.05.

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What our partners say

We received many positive opinions about

"Fantastic idea. It is not only a game its a new source of discoveries. The larger network will grow the more descent places of our world we can explore and see in live."
Margarita Williams
Chinese embassy in Dublin
"I was curious but thought that it is something simple. I then realized that this will shift video gaming industry completely and in absolute new and outstanding way."
Oleg Romanuk
Muscle Factory Production
"They called me all of a sudden and proposed a partnership in the UK. Without hesitation I agreed as it will bring extra monetazation to my racing tracks."
Alex Griffin
Racing track owner in the UK

RC Kit Pricing

Currently there are three kits available for sale.

  • tank
  • dashboard Create a real battelfield with fighting tanks. Unlike buggies tanks can bypass obstacles more easily.
  • $320 / per kit
  • $300 monthly income
  • free support
  • Get it
  • buggy
  • dashboard The most popular and cheapest solution to start monetization and join network with your own gameplay.
  • $350 / per kit
  • $100 monthly income
  • free support
  • Get it
  • drone
  • dashboard Drones are popular and is awesome. Join by buying a drone abd it will produce a hit amoung the gamers.
  • $500 / per kit
  • $400 monthly income
  • free support
  • Get it

*All our kits are equipped with 1.3 GHz computers, wide-angle cameras and latest technology batteries that ensure longest online time available on market today. Read more info to get specification details.

Our workflow

We are constaly evolving and here is our roadmap.

New platforms

Currently we are available on Play Market and App Store but we start receiving request from our users to create destop and console versions so we put it on our roadmap.

More info Q3 2016

API docs

The developemtn API is already opend but we lack code examples and clear documentation to grow network of developers. This is something we already working on.

More info Q4 2016
fall winter

Kit improvements

Users want more interactivity during control. We are going to implement new sensors and improve gameplay engagement.

More info Q2 2017

Our Team

Our partners and contributers network is always expanding, but the key creators are below.

Pavel Lukasenko

Never in my life I would stop myself working on this project. Its so fascinating.

Michael Frolo

It was during one evening in 2013 when I told Pavel about toy cars controlled by the world. Next day we started to work.

Nikita Manija

When I joined project from the very first feeling it impressed me. We can build sightseeing cities new gaming industries and a whole lot of new things.

We would like to say special thanks to everyone who supported us during first 2 years of development as only because of your contribution we made it all happen.

Even more great feautres

Its a gaming revolution because reality and not graphics is what facinates gamers everyday.

Real world matters

It was a surprise for us but the most attractive part of controlling RC car over long distance was not related to racing itself but to the ability to see and explore real world from small mobile device screen. Approximately 50% of gaming users change their behaviour during gameplay when they see rain, a running cat, leaves flying by the wind, walking human foots etc. For example, the retention for buying virtual currency may double only to see a live cat again.

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Self promotion

Another options how to use kits are promotion and sightseeing. It may happen that additional income is not what want to achieve but rather to show or promote some interesting place, cafe, museum, canyone etc to the world or a targeted audience of your country. On this occasion we grant you full control to set your car for free in order to increase userflow. According to our test one kit can handle up to 20 000 unique user per month.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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P: +371 25713129

If you have something to say or would like to cooperate with our team please give us a note and we reply to you as soon as possible.

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